What is an Eclectic Domestic?

Eclectic is defined as:
deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
Synonyms include:
wide-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, diverse, varied, multi-faceted, miscellaneous, assorted.

Domestic pertains and relates to:
the running of a home and/or family relations, OR one who is paid to help with household tasks such as cleaning.

When I designed my list of services and offerings, it was with the idea that running a household entails so much more than simply cleaning it. It takes a wider range of skills than just dusting- skills that include home, hospitality and entertaining, and hence, I chose the name, "Eclectic Domestics-Home & Hospitality".

An Eclectic Domestic is one who educates themselves on a variety of subjects, and who is an expert at doing those tasks necessary for running a household-any household. 

We are not merely housekeepers or maids, but are a step above.

We are designers of living environments and a creators of atmospheres that are not only clean and organized, but serve as a peaceful sanctuary for visitors as well as all who live there. 

We take time to take care of our own needs (such as eating, exercising and stress management) and are mindful of our attitude and appearance when we meet with or work with our clients.

We are organized & efficient. We are punctual and enthusiastic. We think fast on our feet and go out of our way to solve problems before our clients have to ask. Serving the client is what drives our services. Honesty and Integrity are our middle and last names. 

We remember our client's birthdays, and we try to do a little something extra each time we visit (such as water the plants or wipe the hand and nose prints off the sliding glass door.) You work hard, and so do we. We charge fairly for the results we get, and we give back to the community whenever we can.

Are you in need of an Eclectic Domestic?

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