Kid's Rooms: Book Nooks

A cozy book nook is the perfect place to
relax before bed, after a busy day!
Its not the best photo but a 

one of our clients has repurposed a dollhouse and created this simple reading nook for her 7 year old. 

All the books are in one area and of course, we added a comfy beanbag chair for lounging.

We may not realize it, but children experience stress too, and therefore need space and time to rest, relax and renew. Soft furnishings, blankets and toys allow children opportunities for privacy, relaxation and comfort. 

Cozy, stress-free spaces such as this, provide a designated area for reading, coloring or other quiet activities to occur and should be protected from excessive noise and active play so that children can snuggle, daydream and lounge when they need to.