Controlling the Clutter: Sorting Mail


There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to a huge pile of unopened, un-handled mail! tossing it onto the hall table, buffet or kitchen counter only adds to visual static, and subconsciously creates stress.

Today we picked up and sorted a client's mail. She is older and just had some surgery she is recovering from, so we are helping her to keep up with bills and down with clutter! 

You can use this same simple system we use to keep mail clutter to a minimum:

First, standing right over the trash can, I immediately discarded the circulars, (some were doubles) and the obvious junk mail so that only the important mail remains to be opened and handled. 

Bills and statements went in the 'Handle Now' basket, and other mail (such as get well cards and other correspondence) went in the 'Later' basket. 

Total time saved for client:   about an hour or two each week. That is about 8 hours a month or 50 - 100 hours a year.

What would you do with an extra 100 hours a year?

Tell us in the comments below!