Controlling the Clutter: Kitchen Project

We know you hide clutter in the cabinets!

We helped a client organize her kitchen today. We finished in just under 4 hours, threw away what was broken, donated what does not get used and rearranged a bit so that the appliances that she likes and uses most are more accessible.

We found a place for all the kitchen counter top appliances that were rarely used, and cleared away the surface clutter. 

When my client and I were finished organizing today, she looked around her kitchen and said "Ohhh, can you just feel the calm?" 
Wow! Feel the Calm!
Another Stress-Free Space! 

By organizing the appliances and drawers so that the most used items are more accessible, we just saved this client about 5 hours or more a week. That is about 20 hours a month and 240 hours a year!!

What would you do with all that extra time?

Tell us in the comments below!

*Organizing Tip: I use small colorful canisters like the ones pictured below on my kitchen counters to hide the small items that don't really belong anywhere. Perfectly functional AND decorative! To order a set of your own, click this link.