Controlling the Clutter: Entryways

Entryways tend to get cluttered quickly because we just drop things there as we come in. Most of these items don't belong on this table, because they serve no purpose or function in this space.

My dad use to challenge us kids to 'find a place' for our things, or they would "dissappear". That is exactly what needs to be done here.

For a quick de-clutter, place all unnecessary items in a box or basket to find places for later.

For a permanent de-clutter, skip the box or basket, and go right to finding places for everything.

Only keep the items in this space that absolutely belong there.

If there is no place for it, then maybe you don't need it at all. If you don't need it, donate it or toss it. If it's broken, fix it right away or toss it. You may need to do this once a week-as I'm sure your home is as lived-in as my own, but it takes less than 5 minutes, and is absolutely worth the effort! Make it a habit and soon you will have de-clutterted all your common area living spaces permanently.
Adding an interesting, colorful area rug after you've de-cluttered , makes this small foyer feel like a stress-free space- bright, happy and welcoming. Less mess is less stress...and less stress is more fun!

Welcome Home !