Kid's Rooms: Less is More

1 kid...2 hours....a room of toys...and viola! 

How can such a sweet little girl trash a bedroom with such a vengeance in a short duration of time?

When it comes to kid's rooms, I have always believed that less is more.

In consulting with our client for this project, we identified that part of the problem is that Cassie's room is very small. 

The other part of the problem is that she is just overwhelmed with too much "stuff". She is only 5 and still has a short attention span. There is also a new baby in this house, and well-meaning relatives have over-compensated by buying toys for the older siblings. (The oldest is 8 and is much better at keeping his room organized partially due to his age as well as his personality.)

We helped our client (with Cassie's help) ) sort through this mess, and only kept the things she currently plays with, and what the room will reasonably hold. 

The rest of the items were placed in clear plastic tubs and stored in the basement, and will be rotated out with those toys she will keep in her room. Games and activities with small parts will be kept in their own small shoe-box sized clear plastic boxes, so she can see what is in them.

See our project results below:

Task complete! 


Some toys were donated and some were put away for later, to be rotated with the ones we kept in the room. It was hard deciding which ones to store and which to keep, but in the end, we were all very happy with the results on this Stress-Free Space!

Nice work crew!

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