Ashamed of Having a Housekeeper? Don't Be!

Let's face it, none of us can do it all.

That is the simple reason why you shouldn't be ashamed to hire a housekeeper.

Everyone's situation is different-and people hire help for many reasons: If you or your children have health or mobility limitations, you may need overall help on an ongoing basis.

If both spouses work outside of the home-or if you are a single parent, you may need some extra help because you come home exhausted each night.

If you are single-and travel a lot for your work, it may be a welcome change to have your home nice and clean when you come home from a business trip.

Or maybe you just hate to / are not good at keeping a house.

Whatever the reason, when you hire a housekeeper, you are not only purchasing a clean, organized home, but you are buying back your lost time: time with family, kids and to do those things you don't get to do.

American women spend, on average, about 23 hours weekly doing cleaning tasks. That is almost 100 hours a month, and more than 1,000 hours a year. Hours and days, weeks and months you can never get back.

Ask yourself what you would do with all that time if you could reclaim it - and what is all of that lost time worth to you?

Most housekeeping services offer affordable packages and 'a la carte' services for any situation and budget.

If you are on a budget, negotiate with your cleaning service or independent housekeeper to just have your kitchens and bathrooms cleaned, OR just the bedrooms cleaned and the linens washed. Even these "touch up" services can be a huge help and give you back lost hours.

Your cleaning service or housekeeper should also offer add-on services such as helping with vacation homes every spring and fall, food shopping and meal preparation services. If these are services you are interested in, and your housekeeper currently does not offer them, negotiate to have these services, or any others that fit your lifestyle, *added on.

*(Be sure to ask if the housekeeper's liability insurance or your homeowner's insurance covers those services in case of an accident.)

The one thing that we all have in common is the value we place on our time. So don't ever be ashamed to pay for help with your housekeeping tasks, especially "When Time is not on Your Side".

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