Coffee Lovers' Quick Links

Stock Photo: Parisienne Coffee Shop 

Although the specific origins of National Coffee Day are unknown, today, not too many coffee lovers seem to care when or how it got started,only that it did!

I, personally am not a coffee drinker. I do love the smell of coffee-and that is where my love stops. I am definitely a Tea (that's my mom's English roots coming out) Chai & Cocoa kind of person, but I am surrounded with coffee lovers on all sides!

So this morning, I've compiled a quick short list of links for all my Java Loving family, friends & other folk, so you can feed your caffeine fix while I sip my Classic Earl Gray with a touch of wildflower honey!


Coffee Quotes

FREE Coffee: Where & How

Affogato (Gelato Dessert) Recipe

Coffee Review: The World's Leading Coffee Guide

History Kitchen: History of Coffee

Coffee and Health: The Research (Mayo Clinic)

15 Easy Coffee Drinks

7 Reasons to Consider Quitting Coffee

Iced Coffee: How-To

How to Make French Press Coffee

Cappuccino in a Jar

Brownie Streusal Coffee Cake

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Espresso Bread

Best Biscotti recipes (for dunking in your coffee)

Barista Magazine (online)

Artisan Style Biscotti

DIY: Coffee Bean Body Scrub Recipe

The World's largest Coffee Cup

Coffee Heartbeat T-Shirt

Retro Tin Coffee Sign (If you're not shaking you need another cup)

(Please feel free to add your favorite coffee links in the comments area!)