Sangria is a typical beverage from Spain and Portugal. It normally consists of red wine, (sangria meaning "blood") assorted chopped fruit, and sometimes a small amount of brandy.

I've seen tons of recipes using all types of wine and fruit combinations, but what about those who cannot or don't want to drink alcohol? (Such as the Mom-to-be at a recent baby Shower we attended?)

The solution is the Eclectic Domestic's (soon to be) world famous, "Non-Gria". We made about 3 gallons of it this past Labor day-it was colorful, refreshing and delicious! The longer it sits, the more intense the flavor.

Here is the recipe: (A downloadable recipe will be available on our website soon!)

Non-Gria:  (makes about 3 gallons)

1 Standard size bottle Cran-Raspberry Juice
1 Standard size bottle White Grape Juice
1 Standard size bottle apple juice
Juice of 2 whole lemons OR 2 cups lemonade (from a mix)
2 lemons sliced- with peel
2 limes sliced-with peel
2 naval oranges halved and sliced-with peel
1 sweet apple-cored and sliced-skin on
1 tart apple cored and sliced-skin on
2 peaches pitted and sliced-skin on
1 Pear cored and sliced-skin on
2-3 cups fresh or frozen berries-any variety
2-3 cups fresh or canned pineapple (with juice) cut into bite sized chunks
1 liter orange or pineapple soda

1- Wash, pit, core and slice fruit, except berries. Place in a large container (I used a stainless steel stock pot)

2- Add all juices to fruit (NOT the soda) and gently stir to blend. Add 1/2 the berries to pot and place in refrigerator preferably overnight, but no less than 3 hours.

3-In a separate round plastic container or cake pan, place reserved berries and pour orange soda over so that container is 3/4 filled to the top. Plcae in freezer so that it is level. Freeze solid.

4-When ready to serve, scoop juice and fruit mixture in a punch bowl. Remove frozen soda ring from freezer and pop out of its container. (You may need to run under warm water for a moment to release it.) Place the frozen ring in the punch bowl to keep Non-Gria cold. (AS the soda ring melts it will not dilute the juices.)

Serve in wide mouth glasses, so the beverage and fruit can be enjoyed.


You can add some honey to the juice mixture before chilling if you like a sweeter taste

Freeze soda and berries in cube trays to add to glasses or pitchers if you are not using a punch bowl.

To make an alcoholic version, replace orange soda with orange juice, and replace white grape juice with a (liter) bottle of wine.

Garnish with a stick of cinnamon (fall and winter) or a sprig of basil or spearmint (spring and summer) if desired.

Enjoy! :)