Random Things I Find on My Dining Room Table

PHOTO: Barbara Gini

This would make a great Discussion Topic: 'Random things I find on my dining room table.' GO!

Ok. Confession time: Although I make an effort to keep this area clear from "stuff, THIS is what my dining table looks like most of the week. 

We come into the house here, and things just wind up on this nice big, sturdy table.

The random items dujour are: colorful fall place mats, dishes, condiments, half a bag of pretzels, lip gloss, a phone charger, curling ribbon, tape, grocery list & coupons, receipts, a cordless phone, my daughter's lunch money, keys, a book, a used envelope with a "To Do" list written on it, 2 glass candy jars (new) , a lid to a different glass candy jar, and a bow and arrow. (Yes-one of the ways I know hunting season is approaching is that I find bows and arrows in very odd places!)

Quick: what's on your dining room table right now? Don't clean it up. Just list it below!

How do you combat clutter in your common areas? (Or do you just leave it hoping it will evaporate!? :)

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