Setting the Day's Tone

PHOTO: Barbara Gini 
I believe that how you spend your first half hour after you wake up sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Some people like to exercise, some spend it walking the dog, making breakfast and getting kids off to school, and others begin their day by reading.

I am lucky, having an office right in my home, so my morning "commute" is usually a quick, 8 second walk to the other end of the house. 

In that first half hour, after my daughter goes to school and my husband goes to work, and the house is quiet, I love to ease into my day by watching the amazing sunrises from my office window while I go over my schedule, do some writing and drink my morning tea.

I want you to try paying attention to those first 30 minutes of your day, and how they set the tone for the rest of it. Try consciously using that time to improve your outlook, get organized and improve productivity.

How do you get yourself motivated in the morning? Please tell us in the comments area below!