Simple Things: Birthdays

PHOTO: Barbara Gini
Eclectic Domestics
Birthday surprises don't have to be elaborate. Sometimes its the simple things that delight so much!

My daughter came up with a simple and colorful way to surprise her friend for his 16th birthday: She filled his room with these gorgeous helium ‪balloons!

She enlisted the help of her friend's mom, and yours-truly.

The birthday boy's aunt was taking him out for a bit, so we had a short window of time to get things in place.

We purchased a small helium tank with 50 balloons and ribbon from BJ's Wholesale club. 
Delicious Chocolate cake!

While we were there we picked up candles and a delicious chocolate cake that looked like this: 

We raced to the house-and were greeted by "Binx", the very happy dog. We set up our equipment and then had some trouble opening up the valve to fill the balloons, but we prevailed.

The happy dog kept barking and attacking the balloons each time we tried to fill one-the sound of helium filling up the balloons drove him nuts! So we had to banish him temporarily from the room.

With my daughter filling and tying the balloons, and me putting ribbon on, we managed to fill the balloons, set them up in her friend's room, fill out the card, let the dog out and give him a treat in under 45 minutes!

My daughter's friend was so surprised when he came home, and found the cake on the table-but even more surprised when he opened the door to his room and found the balloons!