The Importance of Creating

I love the process of creating: writing, painting, organizing, cooking, educating, designing...there is just something exciting and exhilarating about the entire process of self-expression and the journey of the unknown, pushing my own boundaries in the shadow of uncertainty.

Creating is the one thing we do that indicates we are truly alive.

But as much as I enjoy creating, I also look at the other side of the coin: Destroying. 

I feel that destroying is equally as important, although most of us do not "enjoy" destroying in any way.

Now don't misunderstand me. I am not talking about malicious destruction of a person's reputation, physical body or personal property out of anger or hatred, but the deliberate, thoughtful act of breaking down or eliminating a person, place, thing or memory from your life, because it no longer serves your best interest to keep hanging on to it. It has become "clutter" and is causing you and your environment to stagnate. 

The entire purpose of destroying something, is so that you have room to create something new.

All the the things we have, what we see, hear, and the people we know, are what helps to shape our attitudes as well as our immediate environment. When the environment gets stagnant and 'polluted' with too much stuff we don't need, its time to clean it up. 

So, clean up/destroy those piles of old papers and bills that are either paid or have been in collection. (Keep a single copy only and make a point to pay it ASAP!) 

Donate or toss the old, outdated clothing. (You know - the ones hanging in the back of your closet.) 

Give those kitchen appliances you don't use to friends, family or Salvation Army. If you have not needed them in the last year, you probably won't ever need them.

Your desk? When was the last time you saw the top surface of it? Find a place for the random items, and only keep what is necessary on the top. 

Let go of old hurts, and apologize to those whom you have hurt. 

Change the things you can-and accept the things you can't. 

Say goodbye to dead end careers, and the people who continue to hurt you. You do not need them anymore. Commit to find work and people who challenge you and support your growth.

Turn off the TV and the cell phone and take a walk. Clear your head and think about what you want
to create- in your home, your office, in your life and in the lives of those you love. Keep that in the front of your mind and only keep those people and things that support that vision. 

I look at life like this: a constant cycle of destroying and creating and destroying again, so you can create something even better. Its the way we keep ourselves engaged and motivated, and reminded of what is truly important to us.

What and how are you creating today?