Avoiding Household Task Overwhelm

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Overwhelmed with too many tedious tasks? You are not alone!

A recent Time Use survey found that American women spend on average, about 22 hours per week (about 2-3 hours daily) on housekeeping tasks.

That is almost one full day every week, of cleaning, organizing, laundry, food shopping, cooking, dishes, yard work, errands, and others. What's more is that those 20+ weekly hours could be used for more important things: family, educational pursuits, making more money, recreational activities, exercise, hobbies, vacation, etc.

While people cannot always entirely eliminate that sense of overwhelm, they can take action to minimize it. There is nothing more stressful than coming home to visual noise in the form of clutter. Hiring a personal assistant, professional organizer or a housekeeping professional can greatly reduce your stress by removing the clutter & grime, and reducing the number of hours you spend on these daily tasks. The benefit is that you only have to focus on your higher priorities: helping with homework, watching kids play sports, running your small business, bonding with your newborn, healing from surgery or just simply relaxing.

The trick is to find an independent housekeeper or a housekeeping service who offers add-on services. For example, our service offers a variety of interrelated products & services geared towards handling home, hospitality tasks, that go well beyond cleaning & organizing and into the realm of entertaining, household management & care-taking.

If your housekeeper does not currently offer add-on services, ask them if they would be willing to. At the very least, be sure that the housekeeping service or individual you select offers customized services as opposed to one-size-fits-all approach, and bonded and insured, professionals who will offer a schedule that fits your needs.

Most services offer a complimentary walk through and consultation along with a free quote and a set scheduled appointment day. Other perks to look for or inquire about would be highly personalized housekeeping plans, citrus-based, "green" or minimally obtrusive supplies; a non-smoking, fully insured, fully trained, bi-lingual, English speaking housekeeper or housekeeping staff; convenient monthly or weekly online billing and a satisfaction Golden Guarantee.

On a budget? Negotiate with your housekeeper or service based on what you can spend. If you have a $50 monthly budget-ask what services that $50 will buy you and negotiate from there. (For example, I have a retired couple on a fixed income, who has me come in once a month to clean their 2 small bathrooms and small kitchen & dining area. I usually throw in the powder room, or the stairway because they are long-term clients.) As you feel less stressed, and are able to pay for them, you can gradually add services back in to your schedule.

Keep in mind that when you hire a housekeeper, you are not just purchasing cleaning and organizing services, you are reclaiming hours and hours of lost time and spent energy. You are helping to eliminate that sense of dread and overwhelm and create a calm, clean, stress-free space that you, your family & your friends can relax in, live in and make memories in.

Ask yourself, how much is all of that worth to you?

No matter how big or small the job, a housekeeper or cleaning service should be able to efficiently create the perfect plan for you: Your home, your way.

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