Building a Better Centerpiece

A centerpiece adds color, interest and personality to your dining table, coffee table or buffet. While some are highly talented with elaborate floral arranging, others (like me) prefer to keep it quick, simple and somewhat whimsical.

There are no hard rules for building a centerpiece, except that it should serve as a point of convergence and as a way to welcome your guests or to get a conversation going. I like to use a mixture of textures and colors that reflect the event I am hosting.

Whether you opt for a simple centerpiece or a more elaborate design, here are some quick tips we've compiled to help you build a better centerpiece:

  • Use the occasion or season as your inspiration. Choose colors, textures, containers, props and little details to reflect the mood you wish to create or the event you are celebrating.
  • Personalize your centerpiece to reflect the occasion, your unique personality or the guest of honor's hobbies. For example: colorful tin watering cans with simple sunflowers in them make a gorgeous centerpiece for someone who loves to garden. OR a glass pillar filled with water and river rocks, or sand and sea shells make a lovely
    candle container for someone who loves the beach.
  • Re-purpose cans, jars, baskets or interesting vintage serving pieces into vases. Some flea market treasures or chipped or odd pieces that you never use on the dinner table may make the perfect container for a centerpiece. I once re-purposed several chipped and mis-matched tea cups and saucers for centerpieces for a child's tea party. Some E-6000 glue and some silk flowers did the trick. (That project is for another blog post!)
  • Use fruit and vegetables in lieu of flowers. Especially for people who have allergies. A colorful fruit bowl not only serves as a beautiful centerpiece, but also as dessert!
  • Be sure to keep dining table centerpieces low (below eye level). Centerpieces that are too bulky or just at eye level can prevent comfortable conversation among your guests.

Here are some links and images to get you started:

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What are your favorite elements to use for a centerpiece?