Just Say "No" to Shopping on a Holiday

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In my humble opinion, There are very few good reasons to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Its not like we don't know these holidays are coming. We have plenty of time to prepare and shop for what we need. 

While not everyone celebrates Christmas, or Easter, or Haunnuka, etc., I have never met any American who did not celebrate Thanksgiving.

One of the reasons I have never chosen to work in retail is because I believe that there are several days throughout the year that people should be home with their family if they want to be, and many retail stores are open on some of these days. Thanksgiving is one, Labor, Day, Mother's/Father's Day, and New Year's Day are my core list. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are  the other two I would add to my own personal list.

The cashiers, stock people, customer service associates, managers and others who work in the retail industry, deserve that time off if they want it. I would like to see retail stores be more flexible and sensitive to supporting family time, especially those who have ailing parents or other family members, or children and maybe are caring for/raising therm alone.

Having been previously married to a police officer/EMT/Fireman, I know that crime, accidents, fires and illness never take a holiday. There were plenty of Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners, as well as vacation time, that my (now ex) husband would be needed. The pager would go off and he would have to leave in the middle of dinner, for an accident or a fire call (such as this one and this one on 4th of July, 2002, where 3 children & 3 firefighters died, one of them being a good friend of ours) and there were several times before my daughter was born, that I along with the Ladies Auxiliary made sure firefighters or displaced residents on a scene had blankets, refreshment and a bite to eat, but that was only out of urgency & necessity. When it comes to retail shopping, there is no urgency and it is certainly not a necessity. 

I was just on one social network. Here are some of the comments I saw:

My mom used to work at wal-mart and every thanksgiving she had to leave early so she could go to bed and get up to go work Black Friday and the last she worked she didn't have to be there until 10, so I can't imagine the associates now getting any time with their family since the sales are starting at 6. It's shameful that corporations are doing this to the people who keep them running, and what's worse is knowing the CEOs will be enjoying their family in their mansions while some who barely make livable wages will be missing out.

I am just saying, I use to work in retail and loved to work on holidays. We received, Time and a half and a holiday bonus. Everyone had choice to work or not too but again it was a choice. I chose to work because I needed the extra money and I cherish everyday with my family not on just one day. 

I work retail.. I am a manager at one of the stores listed above... I think retail should be mandatory for everyone's first job ever... I love my job, but customers would rather spit on you that wish you a Merry Christmas.. Or Happy Holiday's. They get upset because you can not get little Tommy or Mary that one and only toy.. Consumers have totally made this a commercial holiday. I wish the holiday would get back to tradition.

The only way to stop stores from being open thanksgiving n Christmas is for people to STOP shopping on these days

I remember making sure that you put gas in your car the day before because most gas stations were closed. And the grocery store was only open until noon. If you forgot it, you went without it.

I certainly applaud and support those businesses that are able and willing to close for certain holidays and let their employees off!! But I also am thankful for those employees that put in a shift at their jobs to allow travelers to eat and purchase gasoline.....my family is made up of cops, firemen and nurses (and an airman in the air force)...we have always had holiday workers and always enjoyed our slightly skewed timeline...

Jay and I do our best to NOT shop on ANY holiday, unless an absolute emergency, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas & Labor Day.

What do you think? Do you work in retail or another industry? Do you think retail stores should be closed on holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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