The Easy Way to Clean up Liquid Soap Spills

Photo: What a soapy mess! 
You never know what you will be greeted by when working with a client.

This is an image from my client's bathroom earlier today. You can't see it too well, but it is a big puddle (almost a full bottle) of Organic Baby Bath Wash that has spilled on the floor next to the bath tub. The (triangular) puddle is just about 14 inches wide at the back and 1/4 inch deep in the corner and by the baseboard.

Ok. So now we know why you don't let the kids play with full shampoo or body wash bottles in the tub. (Unless of course you like cleaning up soapy gooey messes like this one!)

The good news: the shampoo bottle is now empty so the kids can play with it without making a mess ! 

The better news: in this post, I am going to tell you and show you exactly how to clean a mess such as this.

The first thing to remember is DO NOT use water! At least not yet. Water will only make more suds and you will be here for a week trying to get all this goo cleaned up.

So the first thing you want to do is use some clay-based  Cat Litter, which you should keep on hand whether or not you have a cat, for all sorts of alternative uses which you can read about right here and also here.
Sprinkle Kitty Litter right on  the spill

Take the litter and sprinkle generously on the spill covering it entirely. You want to let this sit for several minutes-(about 10) to give it a chance to do its job. 

Next, you want to take a plastic scooper or an old spatula you no longer want to use for food (I happen to carry one with me and had no use for it until today)
Scoop us clumps

As the kitty litter begins to clump, take the spatula and scoop it all up, placing it into a trash bag or dustpan. Be sure to press down on the surface as you scoop to lift up the excess soap that might not have been completely absorbed.

If a substantial puddle of soap still exists, dump some more kitty litter right on it and repeat the process.

Once you have scooped up the majority of the soap, take a dry paper towel and wipe up the remainder of litter and soap. (Unfortunately I do not have photos of this-they came our blurry so I did not include them.) You are NOW ready for water.

Repeat process
if necessary
I used a small bucket, filled with plain warm water-no cleaning agents. I soaked a microfiber cloth in the water, wrung it out and finished wiping and cleaning the area. Depending on the type of soap and how much excess was absorbed by the kitty litter, this could take a couple of times, but you will not have an abundance of suds to deal with. If you do get suds, some salt sprinkled on them will minimize them. 

Allow area to dry completely. Test for residue by feeling with your hand or stepping on it. If it feels sticky then you may need to wipe again with a new cloth and bucket of warm water. You may use some white or cider vinegar in the warm water to cut the soap (and oil) if need be, but if you used enough kitty litter, you should be able to wipe the rest up with the first bucket of water.

Hopefully you will never have a soapy spill, but if you do, you will now know exactly how to handle it with less mess and less stress!

What other secret or unusual uses do you have for Kitty Litter? Tell us in the comments area!