To Eat Meat or Not?

"WHO: Processed meat can cause cancer; red meat probably can"


What kind of scientific study uses the word "probably"?

Here is my 2 cents on this:

Do not get your panties in a bunch over this misleading headline. They must have used Common Core math for this article.

The article claims an 18% higher rate if cancer for meat eaters, when the research only shows an increase of 5% to 6%. In my world, that is a 1% increase, NOT 18%. 

So eat meat if you want to...or don't eat it if you don't want to. So tired of the misinformation and scare tactics that 'journalists' use to get traffic, and of the subsequent freaking out by the readers because people only read a headline and do not read the rest of it carefully enough.

So stop stressing-and over-reacting. Just read, read some more. Research and decide for yourself what is best for you.

That is all.