No Place Like Home

I love how each home that we visit, whether for a consultation, housekeeping or organizing services, candy buffet set up or a family gathering has a "heart" - a very distinct personality, one which is unique to the individuals and families living there.

I live in a quirky older home, that is filled with the imprints of the family who used to live here. (Okay, it may be a bit haunted, but not in an evil 'Amityville Horror' kind of way-no, we hear laughter, friendly chatter and music all of the time! But that will be a post for another discussion.)

In spite of some of the decor being a bit outdated, one of the things I love most about where I live is light. My front windows face east, and each morning, as I sit at my computer, I get to witness the most incredibly beautiful sunrises (see below)  from my office  window.

A snowy Morning Sunrise
from my office window

So today's blog is all about the home: tell us, in the comments area, what you love most about your living space. Be specific and as descriptive as you like.

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