A "Tent"-ion to Details-Party Tent Rental

Now that the snow has melted and party season is coming quickly, you may be looking forward to spring (I know we are) and considering having a backyard bash. 

Celebrating outdoors with family & friends can be a wonderful way to welcome spring-but as with any type of outdoor event, its a good idea to plan for the unexpected, such as weather.

If you have a large home that can easily accommodate your guests, then weather may not be an issue, however for those who may have a smaller dwelling, keep in mind that a tent can be a viable option for your event. 

Party tents come in all styles & sizes - to fit 20-200 people, and can be simple or decorated with chandeliers; with or without a bar or dance floor, depending on your event and your budget. 

Generally speaking, there are 2 (basic) tent types:

Self-supporting: This metal frame tent is usually about 40 feet in length and are recommended for hard, level surfaces, such as patios. This type works best for smaller events & parties.

Pole tents: This type of tent is held in place with a combination of stakes, winches and straps, and center poles that create peaks. These tents can support a structure as large as a ballroom.

Most rental companies offer everything you will need, including installation as well as take down & removal after your event. Most can also rent tables, chairs, lighting, chocolate fountains, catering supplies, jukeboxes, and even beautiful pastel or jewel tone napkins & linens to complete your look. 

Doug and his staff from Harleysville Rental, (our local tent expert & community partner) installs their tents for clients, and includes a site survey to confirm that the size of the tent being reserved is the right size for the event location & number of guests.

Doug tells me, "We can provide the client with a computerized layout of how the event can be set up, including tent, tables & chairs, food tables, dance floor, catering tent, entrance tent, and more."

"All of our tents are priced according to their size, the traveling distance to the event site, and how accessible the tent site is for our crew."

In general you want to reserve your tent as far in advance as possible, and be prepared to answer and ask, as many questions as possible  regarding the indoor and outdoor conditions before receiving a final price quote.

Have you ever rented a tent (or wished you had) for an outdoor event? What was your experience? Please tell us in the comments area below!

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