Ode to Crudité

Photo: wellandgood.com
"Oh kitchen, if crudité comes, can dinner be far behind?"

(With apologies to Percy Blythe Shelly)

Crudité-simple definition: vegetables in the raw.

The expanded definition would include that these fresh, mouth watering foods, bursting with color are arranged around and dipped in olive oil, vinaigrette, hummus or another dressing, and served as part of an appetizer course or as an addition to a cheese board.

The Crudité is of French origin and are considered a quite healthy menu choice.  The word crudité literally translated means: "uncooked food" (Originally from the Latin "crudus" meaning "raw" and later "cruditas", meaning "undigested food" and eventually French, crudité .)

Crudités are simple to prepare (wash, dry and slice vegetables of your choice into bit size pieces) and arrange on a dish, platter, basket or other container. Crudités can include any variety of vegetable colors, textures and tastes, and therefore offer little something for everyone.

Again, can I tell you why and how much we love appetizers? Especially a crudité?

We've compiled and included our favorite relevant links for you below. Please share-and remember to enjoy your crudités responsibly.

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