Aloha Spring!

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The Luau has to be the most requested theme party in our archives! I don't know a single person who does not have some fascination with tiki-bars, tropical flowers, hula dancers and other things Hawaiian.

Interestingly enough, the Luau of today is much different from when they began.

In ancient times, Hawaiian men and women ate their meals separately, as it was forbidden according to religious rites. In addition, commoners and women were forbidden from eating certain types of food delicacies.

Then, sometime around 1819, this practice was ended (thank goodness!) by King Kamehameha II.

At that time, a symbolic feast was organized, where the king ate a meal with the women of the island, The luau was born, named after the main dish that was served, a favorite of islanders. (Young, tender taro leaves combined with chicken baked in coconut milk-and called luau. Find a modern version of this recipe here: Chicken Luau, )

If you are thinking of throwing a luau for a special birthday or graduate, you are not alone! There are dozens of different ways to have a luau and our staff loves dressing for them!

To find out how to book costumed wait staff for your Luau, contact Barbara: 215-257-3193

I've posted a few links below that will help inspire you, including photos of the Luau themed candy buffet I donated to my daughter's middle school for the 8th grade graduation dance last year.

Do you have a favorite Luau-Inspired link, recipe or idea? Please feel free to post it in the comments area!

A hui hou kakou