Kid's Party Menu Planning for Food Sensitivities

If you are planning a child's party, one of the things to keep at the front of your mind, is that statistically speaking, your child probably knows at least 1 or 2 classmates or friends with food allergies. This may affect how you will need to plan for your child's birthday menu.

The key here is to offer an allergy-free option or two and include the children with allergies, without drawing further attention to their dietary needs.

The best advice I can offer is to just ask. Ask if there are any dietary restrictions, (for example, with a peanut allergy, you would be sure to look at menu items and ingredients carefully. If you are planning a candy or dessert buffet, you would be sure that the candy did not contain nor was made in a plant that processes peanuts. ) and if there is something you can offer instead.

Below are some great articles addressing birthdays and food sensitivities. I encourage you to share this post with anyone in your immediate whom you think might find this helpful.

We want to keep all of our kids safe-and especially at a happy celebration! Does anyone have a good resource for food sensitive children? Please post the name and link in the comments area!



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