Party Planning Basics: Plan Ahead

Party and event coordination entails so many skills and tasks that I never imagined I would need, but if asked which one skill I have utilized the most, I would have to say it would be planning & visionary skills. 

I have always been one to plan ahead. Even with my children, they have always known that the last minute "By the way, I was invited to go to [name event] after school tonight at 6" and its now a Friday at 3, will send me into my stressful place-which is a place that is bad for everybody around me. So I have taught them from a young age to plan ahead - as far ahead as possible.

This morning as I was doing a supply inventory, I had the pleasure of receiving a phone call from to a lovely, enthusiastic bridesmaid who was inquiring about some services for a Bridal luncheon in mid-July. 

As she we talked about the details, she suddenly asked me if I thought she was silly calling around & planning this far (4 months) in advance. (She had no idea that I LOVE people who plan ahead!)

My answer to her and to anyone else who likes to plan ahead is, "it is absolutely not silly to plan ahead!" In fact, I personally think it is silly to NOT plan ahead.

As I listened to what was being said to me, I also listened to what was not being said, but yet was expressed through the tone and emotion in her voice. She was telling me that she wanted this to not only be a beautiful, memorable experience for her friends-the bride, groom, the family and the entire bridal party, but also that she wanted it to be as elegant, and stress-free as possible.

One of the ways to do that guessed it! To plan as far ahead in advance as possible!

And that is part of the Magic of what our sister company, Eclectic Domestics, does: is to take on those stressful time consuming tasks ahead of time, and allow you the freedom to put it out of your mind, focus on the other things you have to do, such as celebrate the upcoming occasion! Because in our universe, Less Stress = More Fun!

Gathering information, and planning ahead is always the best strategy-because you never know when unforeseen circumstances will come up or when life or schedules in general might get very full, and you will be left with little or time for planning much of anything. This causes unnecessary stress and we want to help eliminate as much overwhelm as possible so you can enjoy the upcoming events without having to worry about a single thing except what you are wearing and what time to be there.

I think I speak for most event staffers and planners when I say that we like it when people plan ahead. This ensures that there is plenty of time to book staff, develop a concept or theme, plan a menu, and make any changes that might be necessary, and order or obtain supplies that might be hard to get at certain times of the year.

The other reason you want to plan ahead, is that many vendors will "lock in" a price for early deposits, especially if you are booking in a slower season. So, especially for budget friendly reasons, the earlier the better.

So fear not of planning ahead. In the immortal words of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra"To be prepared is half the victory!"

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