The Power of the Peacock: Why a Peacock?

We have had some recent questions as to what made us decide to use a Peacock as our mascot, rather than a maid, vacuum cleaner or mop, and what do we mean when we say, "The Power of the Peacock"

We made a short video on this topic, but wanted to also summarize in our own words.

The decision to use the Peacock was not random! 

When I started my original company (20 years ago) I wanted it to be as unique as the clients I served, and to be able to leave a lasting impression on everyone I worked with. Over time, Eclectic Domestics has developed into something very close to what I imagined. The Peacock with its stunning plumage and distinctly unique call, reminds me to keep striving towards offering the customized services my clients ask for.

As far as other Peacock symbolism:

  • Greek Mythology: the Goddess Hera is said to have given the Peacock "many eyes"- (representing our eye for detail.)
  • Chinese Legend: the perfect blending of plumage colors represents harmony. (We maintain and preserve the order and harmony in the homes and other dwellings we service for our clients.)
  • Egyptian Lore: The Peacock is associated with Ra, the Sun god. (We strive to leave each environment warmer, lighter, brighter, and more welcoming to those who live there or visit.)
  • Religious/Spiritual: The Peacock represents renewal or "arising from the ashes" (which is what we wish to do for each and every client and community we serve.)
  • Other Symbolism: Integrity, authenticity, prestige, pride, showing of "true colors". (All the qualities & characteristics we strive daily to incorporate into our work and lives.)
With every project, we endeavor to be like the Peacock-
proud to show our colors!

That, my friends is 
"The Power of the Peacock!"

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