What About Window Cleaning

We do windows!

We have recently began eliminating our stock of glass cleaning fluids in favor of Microfiber Glass cleaning cloths. (See link below to order.)

We love the microfiber cloths for many reasons, but the top three reasons are:

  • Cleaning caddies are lighter and easier to carry with less "stuff" in them
  • We hardly use any paper towels any more
  • Chemical and Lint-Free clean on glass and mirrored surfaces 

We also have a window cleaning trick to share with you: whether you use paper towels and Windex, or glass cloths, wash your windows, storm doors and even shower doors wiping up/down on one side, and left/right on the other. That way in the event that you have a few streaks left, you will know which side of the glass they are on by which direction the streaks run.  

Tell us: what is your favorite glass-cleaning product or tool? 

You can order the lint-free professional glass-cleaning cloths through our affiliate link below.